7 tips on how to start yoga 2021

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January is a month of New Year’s resolutions and the first timid steps to fulfill them. One of the most common promises we solemnly make to ourselves on New Year’s Eve is to include regular practice among our common (perhaps every day) rituals.

At the beginning, of course, we are thrilled with our own vision of a new beginning, but then small obstacles usually start to get in our way – fatigue, lack of time, or little visible results – and it may even happen that we prefer to return to the ruts of the previous run-in regime. And we will postpone our efforts to work on each other again for a year.

But next year, we continue in the same spirit – full of determination, we will start again, and a month later, we will capitulate.

If you count yourself among the eternal beginners, come read a few tips on how to get out of the vicious circle and bridge the period of doubt. This is followed by the creation of a solid habit that will begin to bring us not only the first positive results but also the real joy of movement.

1) Find a good reason

The key to maintaining motivation is a clear idea of ​​the state we want to achieve.

The essence of change can be, for example, gaining a healthier and stronger body, devoting time to yourself and your hobbies, or calming the mind.

If we want to force ourselves to devote our time and energy to exercise on a regular basis, we should always keep in mind the reason that leads us to our decision.

If your visions are not yet completely specific and you long for inspiration, take a look at the article summarizing the arguments for starting yoga this year.

2) Post a message in a visible place

When we manage to determine the main reason for our transformation and set a clear goal, it will greatly help us to keep it in sight in maintaining motivation. Place a note with a message on your notice board, fridge, or mirror and clearly name where your daily efforts are headed. “I want to lose weight,” “I want to get rid of headaches,” “I want to get rid of stress” when you keep burying your resolve all the time.

3) Prepare ideal conditions

Because there will be days when it will be difficult to overcome one’s own will, we should preventively eliminate all potential complications of a practical nature – that is, prepare ourselves ideal conditions for exercise.

Although yoga is not a particularly demanding sport in terms of equipment, we will definitely need a mat, clothes, and a suitable space in the apartment.

If you do not have previous experience in yoga studies with the exercise, you will also find a video with a teacher who will guide you through the exercise.

You will find countless of them on the Internet, so it is definitely worth doing thorough research before the planned first exercise and choosing a lesson of the appropriate difficulty and type (hatha yoga, power yoga, etc.) with an instructor who is pleasant with your voice and overall expression.

4) Determine the time for exercise

A clearly defined order can help us keep our resolutions.

If we adopt the exercise time to everything else and we don’t get to the mat until we take the dog out, cook food for the next day, clean the room, hang the laundry or watch the series, there will probably be a day when we don’t fight our way through daily duties or leisure activities.

Therefore, it is advisable to set aside specific time for exercise.

From the beginning, we can consider regular exercise twice a week to be a huge success, but it will be easier for us, but paradoxically, it will include yoga in the program every day. It will be easier for us to get used to the exercise and soon we will even start looking forward to it exercise is also help to get best erection or we can try Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 for it.

Even if we find it difficult to find time for exercise, we can indulge in at least a twenty-minute stretch, which we will definitely feel on our body when repeated daily in the long term.

5) Do not clean the pad unnecessarily.

Like a motivational message placed in our apartment, for example, a yoga mat can work. If it doesn’t bother you in the interior, you should keep it spread out over your eyes. It will continually remind you of what you have planned for today.

6) Present your plan publicly.

Another small trap we can set for ourselves if we suspect that laziness will overwhelm us over time is to blow our exercise plan wherever possible.

If we communicate our resolutions to family, friends, and colleagues, we can be sure that they will keep asking about fulfilling our plan.

And because we will feel much better if we can give them a positive answer, their interest will also motivate us to exercise.

It will be much harder to give up this time because our eventual “reversal” will not go unnoticed.

7) Find a partner

However, we will secure the greatest support in the area if we manage to find someone who will directly participate in the new exercise plan and will experience difficult beginnings at the same time.

But it is important to share more motivation and positive insights than difficulties and moans in each case and to maintain an action-oriented approach and a good mood in the team to get Fildena 120 . In the opposite situation, it is better to stick to a separate exercise and refer only to one’s own will – it is clearly better to fight only with the demotivation of one’s own than with the demotivation of two people.

If suitable sparring is not nearby, it pays to join a group with the same interest – for example, on social networks. We will find enough determination there on days when we do not have our own, and when, on the contrary, we feel good and have the energy to give, we can support someone else with our enthusiasm.


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