6 Easy Steps to Win the Amazon Buy Box in 2020

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6 Easy Steps to Win the Amazon Buy Box in 2020


Building brand rapport and increasing sales are becoming very difficult with each passing day. This is because there is an intense online competition. So, you need to have a strong presence on various platforms.

Also, you need specialists from a reliable marketing staffing agency to devise unique strategies, to help you succeed as a brand. In such a scenario, Amazon is providing all the sellers with a unique opportunity to increase brand awareness and boost sales.


Types of Sellers on Amazon


Before unfolding the Amazon buy box 2020, it is important to know what kind of sellers are usually found on Amazon. They are generally of two kinds:


  • Amazon
  • Sellers that have collaborated with Amazon


The latter normally selling one or two types of products. However, two different sellers can also sell the same product. One of them will be the original seller and the other one is will be the reseller.


What is the Amazon Buy Box?


This buy box is a box that appears on the right corner of the Amazon service page. Customers can easily add the products in their carts. It facilitates the shoppers to complete their order speedily. However, not everybody can win this prize.


Because there is intense competition, only those sellers and businesses with the most sales will be able to win it. Through using smart strategies and understanding the algorithm, you can have a shot at winning the box.


Who is Eligible for the Buy Box?


There are two conditions that you must fulfill to be eligible for the Buy Box:


  • You should have a subscription to be a seller
  • The products have to fulfill certain conditions as well
  • Minimal order fault rate
  • Excellent customer service
  • Amazing performance
  • Maximum time spent on Amazon


Some New Changes


Recently Amazon has changed several aspects of its offer. Here are some most notable changes:


Removal of Perfect Order Percentage Score


Amazon has chosen to remove this metric to facilitate the sellers. Instead, it has introduced shipping time to make the competition more productive.


Separate Box for Books


This platform has introduced an entirely new box for books. Because this box is for booksellers only, they’ll have to compete with Amazon to succeed.


More Competition


Because of the intense competition, some sellers offer a much cheaper price for a product. But Amazon wants sellers to sell the products/services at a competitive price. So, when a customer is trying to make a purchase, Amazon displays the following message ‘see all buying options.’


Steps to Win the Buy Box


Here are all the necessary steps that you’ll need to take to win the Buy Box 2020:


Knowledge of the Top Two Factors


Proving your eligibility for the Buy Box is the first and foremost factor to win it. You’ll have to understand the factors that can impact your eligibility. The two most common ones are:


  • How effectively you price your products
  • How effectively you fulfill the orders


These two factors are very important to become eligible for the Amazon Buy Box. You’ll also have to make sure that the products remain well-stocked.


Choosing the Ideal Fulfilment Method


There are two ways that you can fulfill the orders on Amazon:


  • House, pack, and ship by yourself
  • Ask Amazon to do it for you


If you want to win the offer, then you should opt for the second option. This is because Amazon can have a look at the quality and quantity of your products. In case the quality is not up to the mark, Amazon can notify you. Quality sales will increase your chances of winning the box.


Make Sure the Pricing Is Affordable


You should keep the pricing low to have a shot at this offer. This is because highly-priced produced will reflect negatively on the metrics. So, calculate the seller fees, shipping, and packing cost beforehand. Also, offer discounts to maximize sales and your chances of winning the box. The second biggest factor in winning the buy box is affordable pricing.


Build Rapport on Amazon


To win this offer, make sure to perform highly on these markers at all times:


  • Sale of high-quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Timely shipment
  • Number of items sold
  • Decreasing Shipping Time


Your goal should be to decrease the shipping time to win the box. Amazon considers 3-7 days of optimal shipping time. So, make sure your orders reach the customers within this time frame.


Try to Get Better Reviews


To rank highly on the metrics, make sure that you get good reviews. For that, you’ll have to maintain both quality and quantity throughout this time frame.  Also, make sure that customers don’t leave reviews on seller feedback pages as they can damage your reputation.


Always Try to Keep the Products Available


Lastly, if you don’t have enough items in stock at a given time, your chances of winning the box will get hindered severely. You can hire IT specialists from authentic IT staffing firms to make sure that all your hardware and software remain up to date. Doing so will ensure that you get reliable information about the inventory and product details at all times.   

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