Best launcher applications on Android phones without ads

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Best launcher applications on Android phones without ads

Currently, there are many android best launcher applications that can be downloaded easily on your Android phone. Android phones cannot be used if there is no launcher or launcher.

The launcher itself consists of a catalogue of all the apps on the screen as well as the home screen itself. Therefore, every Android device must already have a default launcher application that is automatically installed.

However, generally, the default application must have limited customization, so many useful applications from the current party or launcher applications that can be downloaded by yourself.

The best launcher application for Android phones free

Here is some list of launcher applications that you can use below.

APUS Launcher

For those of you who like a neat and simple launcher, you can use an application called Apus launcher. Besides that, the way to use it is also quite easy and the settings are not complicated.

This application also features a battery saver and clean memory so that your cellphone memory will be cleaner with a more efficient battery.

Zero Launcher

You can also get the best launcher application 2020 in this Zero launcher. You can download this application with a size that is quite small, which is only 12 MB.

Zero Launcher apk. (IST)

Also, this application has an application lock feature and a RAM booster. That way the performance of your cellphone will also not be slow and can work quickly to open existing applications.

Hola Launcher

Furthermore, there is a launcher application which is also widely known because it is light enough to use is the Hola launcher.This is because this application has a small size, so it will not burden the performance of your cellphone. Besides that, it won’t use up a lot of storage on your memory or RAM.

Hola Launcher Android. (IST)

The appearance given by this application is also quite cool and good so it won’t be boring.

Apex Launcher

The Apex launcher application is an application that has a pretty good appearance with a wide selection of icons and themes that you can download from the Play Store. This application is also light enough to use and has been optimized for tablet and smartphone use.

Apex Launcher. (IST)

One of the features is that you can hide rarely or unused apps in the app drawer.The app drawer will then be sorted according to the title, how often you use it and also the date the application was installed so that it will also help you organize your application more.This app is also included in the ad-free Android launcher that you can use.

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Smart Launcher 5

This Smart launcher application also has several interesting features that you can use. Like the app drawer which consists of a sidebar where your application will be divided by category.This application also has an ultra-immersive mode, which can hide the navigation bar so that the display space on the screen can be wider or more.The drawback of this application is that there are still advertisements that might be a bit annoying. You need to buy the pro version of the app so that ads don’t appear again.

ADW launcher 2

The application launcher that you can use next is ADW launcher 2. This launcher application is quite easy to operate and provides many customization options.

ADW Launcher 2 apk. (IST)

This application also supports unique features such as changing the screen display colour to suit your wallpaper. Besides, there is also an app drawer feature, launcher shortcutsicon badges, transition animations and much more.Those are some of the best launcher applications that you can download on your cellphone or smartphone. May be useful.

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