The Best Handmade Copper-plated Crystal Jewelry in the USA

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Jewelry is not something a person only wears to add some glam to their daily attire. Jewelry has a more special place for everyone and the reason varies from person to person. Some wear to express their personalities or their creativity. Some wear it to express their strong interest in a theme or concept. Some wear it for healing purposes, while some wear it for good fortune and vibes. Some have a habit of wearing jewelry matching their zodiac and birthstones. Some wear it because of sentimental purposes and in memory of a loved one. Some people wear it to signify their relationships. Some people wear it because their customs and traditions require them to do so. There are even some people who find comfort in wearing jewelry because they have been wearing it for a long time. There can be a million reasons for choosing to wear jewelry, but nothing changes the fact that wearing jewelry brings out a person’s best version of themselves. In a market that is filled with a lot of options, a customer will often find themselves lost in trying to find the perfect fit and design. But with the abundance of options also comes speculations about the authenticity and quality of the jewelry. Not all jewelry brands live up to their names and often customers get duped. There is a horde of cases where a customer ordered a certain design but got another, or that the design was only vaguely similar to what was in the picture and description. What is more common is the poor after-sale service that these brands provide thus making it a hassle for the customer to get an exchange or a refund. Amid this chaos, Copper Bug Jewelry has made its name for providing genuine copper-plated crystal jewelry of exceptional quality and design. Browse and find your perfect fit with the Copper Bug Jewelry coupon code.


Copper Bug Jewelry is home to an extremely diverse collection of jewelry. The aesthetic of the website is pleasing and takes the customer through these unique and creative collections like a breeze. Browsing through the products is a rich and fantastical experience. There are abundant creative collections of jewelry such as ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, Animal collection, Moon collection, Amethyst collection, Earth collection, and Solar Plexus collection, to name a few. There are collections based on zodiac signs, collections inspired by birthstones, colors, and earth’s elements. There are many pieces in each collection, all uniquely and personally designed and created with care. Each piece is distinct from the other because each is handmade and has a quirk unique to its make. The pieces are not only created from one crystal but many creations blend more crystals and stones. The pieces are refreshing, contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, and created with the customer’s preferences in mind. They are easy to wear and blend right into any fashion style. Enjoy a multitude of savings on multiple creations by using the Copper Bug Jewelry discount code.


Out of the array of remarkable pieces up for grabs, what has caught our attention is the collection of crystal necklaces. The copper-plating is of high quality and this is visually proven by the way the necklaces have a distinct, extravagant shine to them. The crystals are pretty with both vivid and pastel shades, thus this caters to both people who like bright, fancy pieces and also people who prefer subtle, elegant pieces. The design of the pendants is unique and styled thoughtfully. The combination of the copper work and the crystal craft makes each piece ethereal. These pieces fit right into any style, from luxurious to minimalistic. They make a solid style statement no matter how they are incorporated into a person’s outfit.


Copper Bug Jewelry is the most unique brand in the industry of handmade jewelry. With utmost care taken to craft each piece by hand, the quality and preference of the customer are kept in mind while creating each piece. The jewelry offered caters to an assortment of unique collections. They offer handmade jewelry that is inspired by colors, zodiac signs, birthstones, elements, and even unique pop-culture themes. Each piece is beautiful, high on aesthetics, and with a unique personal touch which makes it a must-have accessory.

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