The Best WordPress Popup Plugins for 2021

by Drwebhost

Are you looking for wordpress popup plugins which will convert your visitors into subscribers and paying customers? An excellent WordPress popup plugin will be able to do this and will enable you to create appealing popup plugins for your website built using WordPress website development. You might find website popups everywhere, and you might love or hate these, but they do their work.
When you are choosing the best WordPress popup plugin, you must consider some facts. So, in this post, we will talk about the best WordPress Popup Plugins in 2021.
What is a WordPress Popup Plugin?
WordPress popup plugin lets you create and implement popups for your website. Popups act as an alert for the users of particular messages and offers.
Here are the most commonly used website popups:
● Free trial signups
● Giveaways
● Coupons
● Offers
● Ebook or whitepaper downloads
Facts To Look Into WordPress Popup Plugins:
A wide variety of features are offered by WordPress popup plugins that are given to the users. Here are the features that you must look into before choosing a plugin for your website.
1. Advanced Targeting: Targeting is very much crucial for the success of a website popup. The most common options for advanced targeting are:
a. Referrer Detection- this helps you show a specific popup based on the referring site.
b. Geo-Location Targeting- You must show the visitor a popup based on the referring country, which will let you create a message based on the visitor’s country’s language and currency.
c. Ad-block detection- This feature lets you show a message to the visitors using ad-block to get them to the white list of your website.
d. First Time Visitor- This plugin will let you target the user based on their first visit to your site.
e. Page Targeting- This feature is best if you have many different services or products and will show the visitor a specific popup based on the page that the user visits.
2. Analytics: Using this feature, you will be able to see how your campaign performs. So make sure that the popup plugin you use has comprehensive analytics that is builts-in, including the number of impressions and the types of conversions.
3. Trigger Options: The trigger options are when a popup shows to your website visitors. The different types of trigger options are:
a. Exit Intent
b. Scroll Trigger
c. 2-Step Opt-in
d. Timed Display
4. Integrations: This is one of the most important features when choosing the best WordPress popup plugin. Without integrations, your popup plugin is going to be completely useless.
Here is The List of The Best WordPress Popup Plugins:
1. Convert Plus: This helps you create popups for different users like Social integrations, promotions, email opt-ins. It delivers more than 100 pre-ade popup templates which you can customize using the real-time WordPress Customizer. You might also find that these pre-made templates look quite right. CovertPlus might cost you $24.
2. Ninja Popups: This will help you set up with a visual drag-and-drop builder that can be used to create your popups, You can either build it on your own or choose one from more than 76 themes. Ninja Popups might cost you $27.
3. Bloom: This is one of the most beautiful dashboards that you will be able to find on the internet. It has more than 100 templates that are customizable as per your requirements and unique trigger or targeting options. You can also set up A or B tests to look into the analytics of your popups’ performance. Bloom might cost you $89 for one year and $249 for lifetime support and updates.
4. OptinMonster: This is one of the most potent popup plugins out there, which has much functionality to go around. It has a drag-and-drop builder which will allow you to create popups from the beginning and customize the existing templates. You might also see several great features and detailed targeting and triggering rules. OptinMonster might cost you $9 per month.
5. Elementor Pro: This plugin allows you to create several types of popups like- Modal popups, Top or bottom notification bars, Fly-ins, Slide-ins and Full-screen overlays. This plugin offers you more than 100 popup templates you will help you get started. However, you are also allowed to create one from scratch. Elementor Pro might cost you $49 for one site license and cost $199 for an unlimited site license.
WordPress plugin development is highly beneficial for the success of your website. So, choosing the right WordPress plugin will be able to increase the growth rate of your website. This article consists of some of the best popup plugins. However, if you don’t have time to create your website and look into these things, you can look for services who do these work on your behalf. Services like HireWpGeeks help you make the website of your choice and add all the required plugins and features that will ensure your business’s growth.


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