Which are the Best Meditation Retreats in the World?

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Sometimes you feel lost in the fast-paced lifestyle because of the daily stress and burden of getting things done on time. The increased pressure puts a lot of pressure on the mind as well as the body, which affects your overall health. It automatically affects your mood as well as productivity.

In this case, it becomes very important to bring your mind and body to a little calm. For this, planning a vacation is a good idea, besides traveling the other best thing that can help is a meditation retreat.

Meditation retreats proved to be the best thing to heal the mind as well as the body. However, meditation retreats bring calmness to your life but mountain retreat is perfect for soul healing. The reason why mountain retreat is highly preferred is that it allows a person to be closer to nature. The closer you are to nature more it will be beneficial to heal you quickly.

Besides mountain retreats, there are few meditations as well such as silent meditation, which also effectively contribute to mental wellbeing. Some best meditation retreats in the world are:

1.    The Buddhist Retreat Center, South Africa

If you are looking for an inclusive place yet peaceful and calm for a meditation retreat then the Buddhist retreat center is a perfect place. This retreat center is located in Kwazulu-Natal province in South Africa. It is surrounded by rolling hills and forests, which highly contribute to bringing peace to your mind.

Being a calming and gentle place, allows a person to focus on things in a better way. Also, to bring clarity in mind it is the best place one must visit for a retreat. You can easily cut off all the external distractions while you are on a meditation retreat at the Buddhist retreat center.

2.    Shambhala Mountain

The Shambhala Mountain center the most peaceful place for meditation retreats that release stress naturally. It brings the fast-paced lifestyle to a lower level with the help of mindful meditation. Shambhala Mountain makes a person focus more on spiritual healing by avoiding all kinds of distractions.

The meditation on Shambhala mountain mainly focuses on the present instead of living in the past. It helps to heal mentally as well as make a person emotionally strong.

3.    Watt Saun Mokkh, Thailand

The Saun Mokkh retreat center is another best place to visit for a meditation retreat. Being created in 1989 it has healed almost 25,000 people to date, and still providing the best services to heal the mind and body. While on a meditation retreat at Saun Mokkh, you are provided with a proper 10-days schedule, which you must have to follow, without any external distraction.

Also, obeying the rules is essential while you are on a meditation retreat. Similarly, at Saun Mokkh you have to quit your daily life activities and devote yourself fully to meditation. This meditation is based on the Buddhas practice and specifically scheduled for 10 days.

So, anyone joining this retreat must have to follow that 10-days plan, which provides you Buddha’s teaching of meditation s well.

4.    Ananda Himalayas

Another ideal place for a meditation retreat is Ananda in Himalaya. This retreat center is located in between wild forests in Northern California, which allows you to experience deep mindful practice. It has become a sacred place for meditation for over fifty years and involves a person heal with complete devotion.

The famous technique for meditation at Ananda Himalayas is forest bathing, which effectively heals the mind and body by releasing all kinds of stress. It allows a person to focus more on the factors that can bring happiness to your life by eliminating negativity. It is the best place for mindful meditation and to release stress from life.

5.    Spirit Rock California  

This place is also the best and famous for meditation retreats as many people come here around the world for different types of healing. The reason why this place is famous because once a retreat was held and the duration of this retreat was about two months.

People came here and attended this retreat for several purposes, some want to heal their mind, while some joined to heal the heart. Others joined for physical healing also some attended it to listen about how to deal with changes.

The fact that people healed so well and quickly with the help of this meditation. So, this place became famous for spiritual healing and meditation.


Meditation retreats are proven to heal the mind and to retain good mental health. It allows a person to focus on what is present at the moment without worrying about the past or future. It is a great practice to maintain good mental health. Similarly, a meditation retreat brings you to a normal level with the help of mindful activities.

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