Why is ISO 9000 most widely used ISO standard?

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Why is ISO 9000 most widely used ISO standard?

There are several thousands of ISO standards worldwide. But ISO 9000 family of standards is the most popular among all. This article will explain about ISO 9000 detailly.


What do you mean by ISO 9000 family of standards?

Quality management system is the other name by which people know ISO 9000 family of standards since its maximum emphasis is on the quality. It assists various organizations that are certified to it, to meet the needs of customers as well as various stakeholders, staying within the various statutory and regulatory requirements that have been set for products or services. There are in total 7 quality management principles underlying ISO 9000 family of standards.

One of the ISO Certification in ISO 9000 family of standards, i.e. ISO 9001 is responsible for seeing if the organizations willing to meet the standard have met various necessary requirements or not.

ISO doesn’t directly provide ISO 9000 certification. There are third-party certification bodies that are responsible for it. Also third party certification bodies make confirmation if the organizations have met the requirements or not, independently. There are globally more than one million organizations that have been certified to ISO 9000 family of standards. That is why, it is considered the most popular and widely used management system.

But ISO certification procedure isn’t useful for all and is subjected to heavy criticism.

What are the various benefits of ISO 9000 family of standards?
Reduced operational expenses—Sometimes misplaced withinside the many discussions of ISO 9000’s public members of the family cache is the truth that the rigorous registration method frequently exposes sizable shortcomings in numerous operational regions. When those issues are delivered to light, the enterprise can take the best steps to enhance its strategies. These stepped forward efficiencies can assist businesses garner financial savings in each time and money.

Better control control— One of the ISO Certification i.e. ISO 9000, its registration method calls for a lot documentation and self-evaluation that many groups that go through its rigors cite multiplied expertise of the enterprise’s average course and strategies as a sizable gain.

Increased purchaser satisfaction—Since the ISO 9000 certification method nearly necessarily uncovers regions wherein very last product exceptional may be stepped forward, such efforts frequently result in better tiers of purchaser satisfaction. In addition, through searching for and securing ISO 9000 certification, businesses can offer their customers with the possibility to tout their suppliers’ willpower to exceptional of their very own commercial enterprise dealings.

Improved inner communication—The ISO 9000 certification method’s emphasis on self-evaluation and operations control troubles encourages numerous inner regions or departments of businesses to engage with each other in hopes of gaining a greater whole expertise of the wishes and dreams in their inner clients.

Improved customer support—The method of securing ISO 9000 registration frequently serves to refocus enterprise priorities on attractive their clients in all respects, inclusive of customer support regions. It additionally facilitates heighten consciousness of exceptional troubles amongst employees.

Reduction of product-legal responsibility risks—Many commercial enterprise specialists contend that businesses that acquire ISO 9000 certification are much less in all likelihood to be hit with product legal responsibility lawsuits, etc., due to the exceptional in their strategies.

Attractiveness to investors—Business experts and small commercial enterprise proprietors alike agree that ISO-9000 certification may be a strong device in securing investment from project capital firms.

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