7 Tips To Get More Likes on Instagram Reels For Free in 2021

by Drwebhost

1 Produce Good Content


The main and very ignored thing is good content. Many people do not get like on Instagram Reels videos because their content is not good. If you notice some Reels creator who produces good content, they always get more likes. So if you want to get more likes, then create good content which people will like your content. 


If you are a beginner in Instagram Reels and you do not want to know how to produce good content, then you can see some popular Reels creator’s videos. You can get video ideas from there. You can get great ideas from other social media or OTT platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. 


2 Collaborate With Other Reels Creator


This is the best and easy way to get more likes on your Reels video. Collaboration means when you create videos with other creators, and you both promote each other on their followers. Many creators who have very low follower they increase their followers and likes by collaborating with other creators. This technique is very effective.


If you know someone you can collaborate with other creators, it will also give you more followers on Instagram and give you more likes. When you upload your videos, do not forget to mention that other creator in the caption.


3 Use Hashtag

Do you know hashtag is the backbone of an Instagram Reels video? If you do not use the hashtag in your videos, then your videos cant get likes and views. So if you use hashtags, then there are chances to viral your videos. Hashtags make your video easier to find and can increase your videos reach. We will also suggest to you some best hashtags to get likes on Instagram Reels.


When you use the hashtag you should give relevant videos hashtag. If your videos on health-related, then use hashtags on health-related, and your videos will appear on people who like to watch fitness content on Instagram. If you are making Reels videos on any challenge, then do not forget to use hashtags related to that challenge.


You can use these hashtag on your regular videos ->#reels, #reelsinstagram, #reelsvideo, #reelsinsta, #instareels, #reelsindia, #videoftheday, #instareel, #instafeeds, #indianreels,#trendingvideo, #reelinstagram. If you are a new creator and you are getting low likes, then these hashtags can give you initial likes.


4 Post At You Best Time


When you will post at your best time, then you will get a high audience engagement. If you notice some big influencer on Instagram, they post their photos or Reels video at a particular time. If you want to know what is your best time, then you have to do a self-experiment because everyone has owned the best time. Post your Reels video at a different time in 7/10 days and notice in which time you are getting more likes. That is your best time to upload Reels’s video. But the universal best time is evening.


5 Be Trendy

Almost every time something is trending on social media, it may be a challenge or contest. Trending topics can increase your likes on your Reels video. If you want to get more likes on Reels’ video, then see which topic is trending on the reels platform and make a video on that topic, and do not forget to use the related hashtag on that trending topic. This will help you to get more likes on Reels video.


6 Tag Other People 


If you are a beginner, then you can use this method to get more likes on Instagram Reels Video. For example, When you are making videos on a film’s dialogue, then tag those actors. If you are using any products, then tag that brand in your Reels videos. In this way, you can get more likes.


7 Be Creative


We mentioned only those tips which techniques used by everyone. But Everyone burns with a Creative Mind, so use this to find out extraordinary ideas to get likes on Instagram Reels video.


Note- There are many websites and apps on the Internet that claim that they will increase your Instagram Reels video likes, and you have to sign in to their website, but we warn you to do not to do this method. These websites can hack your Instagram account.

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